Are You Testing Your Website?

Are You Testing Your Website?

Your website is an extremely valuable resource for your business. In today’s day and age, many small businesses rely almost exclusively on their websites to sell niche products, reach consumers outside their immediate demographic, and create a presence that establishes authority and wins consumers.

With the growing popularity and importance of the business website, there are many emerging schools of thoughts about what’s best in this type of website design. Some people believe in plenty of text to educate consumers, while others rely on short videos to establish authority. Some designs focus on graphic elements and are short on content. Landing pages, conversion funnels, site optimization – you’ll find a host of competing philosophies all vying for your attention. How are you supposed to decide what’s best for your business – just pick a strategy and hope?

Don’t Guess – Test

As website design, development and marketing strategies evolve, one element has become increasingly important for businesses that really want to achieve the best results: testing. Does Page A or Page B get more search engine hits? Which one results in the sale? If you make changes to the page, do things improve?

Testing your website gives you valuable data about what’s performing well and what’s driving your customers away. Ultimately, your goal is to lead people to your site, and get them to buy your product or service. How can you improve that process? Test. Change the copy on the page. Move the “buy” button around. Add some more graphic elements. Put a video on the page. Experiment with your Web presence – and test it to see what’s successful and what isn’t.

Over the next few months, we’re going to look at various strategies to boost your conversion rates. You’ll learn how to get people to your site, and how to convince more of them to buy. You can implement these strategies yourself – and test to see which ones work best in your industry and niche. Now is the time to learn about website conversion, and boost your business success!

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