Are You Building A Herd?

Are You Building A Herd?

If you’re a business owner or in charge of marketing, you need to read this post.

Are you building a Herd? What is a herd you ask?

Well think of a Rancher. He’s got a herd of cattle, right? His herd of cattle is what makes him money. If he didn’t have one, he’d have to work a lot harder to create money every month. It would be equivalent to a hamster on a wheel. (always running hard and not getting anywhere).

The herd for the rancher is generating income on a consistent basis since he’s already got them fenced in.

A herd in the business world is a group of prospects where you have their attention. They are people who’ve raised their hand to say I’m interested in what you have to offer but I’m just quite not ready to buy. (people not quite ready to buy covers most of society)

The standard way for a business owner or marketing director is to market with no herd, in other words, like a hamster. (having to generate new business every month from ground zero).

So how do you apply the herd principle to your business. Get Them To Raise Their Hand It’s really quite simple.

You find prospects who show an interest in your product/service and get them to raise their hand to say “Yes, I want more information”. Once they raise their hand, you send them to a landing page (special webpage to capture their email and name) and get them to opt-in for some kind of offer.

The offer can be almost anything. For example, if you’re a CPA, you could give away a report on “The 5 Things You Should Do To Audit Proof Your Tax Return.” This can be applied to any business or service. You can give away almost anything (report, video, free sample, coupon, audio, tips and strategies) They opt-in with their name and email address and they receive their report and in the report is not only the information they requested but also a page about you and your CPA services.

It doesn’t stop there. The prospect also starts receiving an email drip campaign over weeks, months or longer. Why is this done? well, it’s done to keep you on top of their mind. It builds trust and rapport over time as well. We all know that not everyone is always ready to make a buying decision on the spot.

For many of us, it may take days, weeks, months or longer. Constant and Automatic Marketing So we must always be marketing to them so when they are ready, they will think of us. Who do you think is going to have an advantage when they are ready? So how do you build an email drip campaign that goes out to every opt-in? It’s simple once it’s written, you upload it to an automated auto responder such as aweber. It works 24/7 for you and automatically send out your report and emails over whatever time period you designate it to.

You’re marketing to these prospects now in your sleep 24/7 without even seeing or talking to them. As your list grows, so does your sales every month. You now are building a consistent stream of revenue from your HERD. I use several landing pages for myself to build up my list of prospects. To see an example of one of my landing pages, go to my local marketing seminar registration page.

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