Case Study: How British Colombia Improved Online Marketing Engagement

Case Study: How British Colombia Improved Online Marketing Engagement

Tourism is a $13.4 billion industry in British Colombia. Tourism British Colombia maintains a website,, which represents over 130 communities and over 6,000 businesses – all of whom rely on this multi-billion-dollar tourism industry to thrive. Tourism BC found that engagement with website content increased the likelihood that visitors would book a trip to the province, so it needed a way to improve online marketing engagement to capitalize on the amazing brand equity of the BC tourism industry.

The Missed Opportunity: The Thank-You Page

After releasing an ebook and conducting a series of analysis, Tourism BC found a missed opportunity: the thank-you page. Many people seemed to be interested in downloading the new ebook, but would then disengage from the site after the download. Tourism BC decided to test a theory – that by improving their thank-you page, they could re-engage visitors and increase the likelihood that visitors would book a vacation.

Testing and Making Refinements

Tourism BC started the process of refining the thank-you page by testing several page layouts to find out which one was most likely to engage visitors after downloading the ebook. The goal of each variation was to invite visitors to view more content on after downloading the guide, instead of just leaving the site. experimented with several variants to find out which one had the highest likelihood of re-engaging the visitors, and the winning variant produced a 22 percent lift in visitor engagement when compared to the control page.

From there, Tourism BC focused on a couple of competing strategies to see if they could further boost visitor engagement. They tested two variations of the thank-you page: a variation that included an interactive map, or a variation that featured a highly visual and informative catalog of key regions. Variant B increased the engagement by another 18 percent on top of the 22 percent lift in the first test round.

In the end, after a multi-step process of testing and refinement, Tourism BC managed to improve engagement by a shocking 44 percent! It was a great example of the opportunity that all businesses have to boost engagement with the help of the right partner, a good optimization strategy, and a series of tests and refinements.

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