Creating The Perfect Website

Creating The Perfect Website

Having a website is more than just a nice design. In fact nice doesn't really cut it. A website should be considered as part of your marketing arsenal. It needs to be thought out and planned accordingly. Your website should be part of your overall internet marketing strategy. It needs to do your selling for you.
So here are 5 key elements to having a good business website:
Lead capture & Direct Response Marketing

1. A good website should think direct response marketing first. It should consist of a way to capture visitors for lead generation as well as have well written sales. This is your sales pitch on why someone should be using you.

A website should persuade your visitors into some kind of call to action. Whether it's requesting more information by opting in for some kind of offer or contacting you by phone or email.

2. A website should also be well designed aesthetically. Colors should work well together and site maneuvering should be user friendly.

Your layout needs to be simple and easy for clear navigation. It should contain the following points:

What you do
Contact information
What's on your site
Your services
A way to capture visitors information

Search Engine Optimized

3. A website also needs to be search engine optimized. Most web designers don't know anything about optimization. The greatest website won't do you any good if no one can find it. So it's important to make sure that whoever does your website is very knowledgeable in SEO.

A good website creator will not only know how to optimize your home page but also other pages and any images on your site.
Keyword Targeted

4. They'll know what keywords are best and know exactly how to structure your site to get the highest possible ranking on Google. Keywords are what people typically type into the search engines. You want to be able to come up on page one of Google in those results.

Keyword research is an important element in creating a site. There are tools you can use to help with your research to finding the right keywords in optimizing your site.

5. Last but not least is content. Having good content and knowing how to lay it out is very important. Having good content is important to keep your visitors interested in your site. the more interested, the more they will stay on your site and the more they stay, the more likely they will use your services.

So when having your site created, it's not enough to be a website designer. Having a strong background in internet marketing and direct response marketing can be a powerful combination for your finished product.

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