You Need a Good Plan to Achieve SEO Results

You Need a Good Plan to Achieve SEO Results

SEO can help you get more visitors on your site, and proper website optimization can help boost your conversions. But you can’t achieve either of these goals without first having a plan to get there.

You Can’t Just Want to Succeed – You Need a Plan to Get There

SEO isn’t a magic wand. It’s a tool that you can utilize to get more visitors to your site. You still have to know what to do once they get there.

  • Create conversion optimization goals
  • Track your traffic and find out where you can make improvements
  • Test page variants to find the best performers
  • Work with your SEO team to create realistic strategies

 Your SEO team can only do so much without a plan on your part. You need to drive the optimization process, which includes setting appropriate goals. Know which actions are most closely tied to revenue. Test your pages to improve conversion and get people to take revenue-producing actions more often. Track your traffic; find out what works and what doesn’t work. And be prepared to stick to the plan for the long-term to get the results you want.

SEO is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Many issues with SEO campaigns come not with the campaigns themselves, but with misplaced expectations. Far too many small business owners have the expectation that a successful SEO plan can get them to number one in the search engine within a few weeks or even months of work. Ultimately, though, a thorough SEO campaign takes time.

In the old days, websites used questionable strategies to “trick” search engines into ranking them higher. Today, search engines are more sophisticated than ever, and those “tricks” can get your site into trouble – and it can even get you banned. So you’ll need to formulate a long-term plan, and then stick with it, in order to get the results you want without risking serious consequences.

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