How To Use Local Google Mapping

How To Use Local Google Mapping

If you have a business and are looking for local customers, which you probably are, I strongly recommend getting listed on Google mapping.

Google mapping is having your business show up on a Google map with a balloon type icon showing your business information such as name, address and number.

Since most people don't use the Yellow Pages anymore, people are turning to finding local businesses online. People are searching in different ways.

For example, let's say you're a Real Estate agent in Atlanta, and a resident of Atlanta is looking for a Real Estate professional. Typically, they will search for "Atlanta Real Estate agent" or they may just enter the word "Real Estate agent" and their zip code next to it, e.g. "Real Estate agent 30322".

If you can show up in the Google map, then you have a chance of getting that prospects business. One thing you should know, Google business mapping only lists a certain number of results on the first page. For example, they may only list 5 Google map results and anything above the first 5 you would have to click on a link to see more.

So, obviously you want to try and do everything possible to obtain as high a ranking as possible. This isn't so easy to do. There's no guarantee to you will show up in the top spots but there are some strategies you can use to help you increase your chances.

Here are some tips for Google local mapping that can help put your listings in the top 5 or higher:

1. Enhance your Google profile by adding a description.

2. Add images, several if possible.

3. Add a video if possible.

4. Optimize your Listing

5. Add a coupon if possible.

6. Get a review listed.

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