Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is the old school method of "shoving it down their throat" mentality. I think outbound marketing methods are becoming less effective. The primary reason is the average person is being inundated with hundreds of marketing interruptions per day. These include telemarketing, radio, tv, email, internet, newspaper, magazine, signs, direct mail and many others. Our attention spam can't handle all these interruptions so we learn how to purposely tune many of them out.

Inbound VS Outbound Marketing

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Inbound Marketing Funnel

Rather than focusing on stale outbound marketing methods to people who are trying to block you out, it's better to place your marketing energies on inbound marketing methods to people who are willing to looking for your services.

This is best accomplished by creating a direct response marketing website that is content rich and has the proper website layout elements of lead capture ability and motivating call to actions. Inbound marketing tactics of blog content, SEO, Pay Per Click advertising and social media can be used on people who are looking for you as opposed to you forcing information on the masses where it can fall on deaf ears.
Attracting prospects in a natural manner through search engine optimization, blog content, pay per click marketing and social media is a much more appealing method to consumers. However, it doesn't stop here, you must have a system in place to engage your visitors and turn them into leads to nurture your prospect into the sales funnel.

The Differences