Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Would you like to get found starting this week with a Google adword campaign aka Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) for local consumers searching for your business when they type in certain key phrases. When consumers type in certain key phrases, your ad will be placed in front of them. Best of all, there's no cost by Google to show up!

The advantages of a PPC campaign include:

  • Get Found Quickly
  • Target By Geographic location or Radius To Your Location
  • Target By Key Phrases That Trigger Your Ad
  • Only Pay When Someone Clicks On Your Ad
  • Set A Monthly Budget
  • Promote Special Offers
What is PPC?

Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) is paid search engine advertising. It’s the ads you see in the top sponsored section or right hand side of Google search results. Remember, these are paid for ads. They don’t just show up there because of search engine optimization. Pay per click advertising is a nice way to target your local area for potential business.

How it Works

You only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it not to show up in the sponsored area. That's how it got its name "pay per click". You can set a daily budget on how much you are willing to spend and once you hit it, your ads stop for that day.

PPC Strategy

There are too many strategies to list here but overall you want to target a geographic area with certain keywords that are relevant to what a typical prospect would search for in Google. Your PPC ads should have a motivating headline, benefit and call to action. Since your ads are competing with the organic results as well as other PPC ads, they really need to stand out. Other strategies include, split testing multiple ads, creating multiple ads for multiple keyword searches and monitoring your ads for performance and tweaks for better performance.