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SEO Freelancer

Are you looking for an SEO freelancer who can get your website to the top of the search engines at an affordable cost? Getting to the top of search engines requires knowledge, skill and experience.

How A SEO Freelancer Works

Many SEO freelancers will jump on a task without really understanding the client's needs. When working with a client I find out exactly who they want to target and what area. Are you going for a local, national or regional SEO presence?

The next step is to ask my clients for as many key phrases (keywords) that tell me about their business or service they are trying to attract for. This doesn't mean I'm going to use them all. No, it allows me to do my SEO research properly. If you select the wrong keywords, you're doomed from the start. What may appear as a good SEO keyword may actually be a bad one.

Bad can mean different things such as zero search volume for that keyword or perhaps the opposite, such as being too competitive. Unless you have very deep pockets and a lot of time to aim for those very competitive keywords, it's not going to happen.

As an SEO freelancer, I also use these key phrases to help me research for variations of keywords that my client had never thought of. I do this by placing them into a SEO software program I have that gives me variations as well as their search volume. Many times I can come up with some hidden gems.

SEO Freelancer Spying Tool

Once I have these keywords I will insert them all into my software program again to help me decipher which ones have a high relevancy but low to medium competition. From there, I narrow them down to however many my client and I decide on as being appropriate. Out of those, Ill usually find one or two what I call "Gold Nugget" keywords. Those are the ones that my clients competition have never thought about doing SEO on their site but have high relevancy to his product or service and have good search volume.

The next function is to use a tool to spy on my clients competition that rank for these selected keywords. I am able to go behind the curtain of my competitors sites that rank on page one of Google and see exactly how they've gotten there. This gives me a huge advantage when formulating a strategy.

Imagine being on a football team and you're the defense, if you knew what play the offense was going to run, wouldn't it make it easier for you to stop them if you knew the play? This also tells me approximately how long it will take to get ranked for those keywords on page one of Google.

Now, I can go in and start doing SEO on the website based on everything above that I've learned. What a lot of SEO freelancers do is just perform SEO on the pages by placing simple title and description tags and they stop.

SEO Freelancer - The Difference Maker

What makes me different is I will not only do that but I will also perform SEO on the web content as well as any images or photos on the pages. I'll build links (internally and externally) to help raise your ranking in the search engines.

Many times I will edit content on the site to help with SEO for these keywords. Site content plays an important role in SEO.

So if you're interested in working with an SEO freelancer who will take the time to understand your goals and do the proper research and strategically implement good website SEO, then contact me to be your SEO freelancer.

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