SEO Isn’t Dead – Just One Part of a Bigger Picture

SEO Isn’t Dead – Just One Part of a Bigger Picture

In mid-July, The Guardian newspaper wrote an article about SEO being dead. The focus of the article was the fact that social media optimization was “the new hotness,” and that SEO was becoming increasingly futile. While it’s true that social media is expanding at an incredibly rapid pace, SEO is a long way from dead. If you’re not sure how SEO fits into your marketing plan, think of it as one component of a bigger picture.

Search Isn’t Dying

The Guardian article was misleading, because it looks at the growth of social media as a part of a zero sum game. The base assumption of the article was that social media was growing at the expense of search. This simply isn’t true.

The reality is that the total query volume of Internet traffic is increasing significantly. People are spending more and more time online – particularly with the growth of the mobile platform. In fact, many websites are nearing a 50/50 split of mobile to desktop distribution of search traffic. Social may account for a growing number of traffic – but all traffic is growing.

Search isn’t dying. All forms of traffic are growing. Search and social are merely two parts of a bigger picture.

Examine Your Overall Marketing Plan

The Internet has changed the way companies do business. A good marketing strategy in today’s tech-savvy world features a multi-platform approach to building business and growing traffic. SEO is an important part of the overall marketing plan. It’s vital for your customers to be able to find you, and it’s great if you can get in front of customers who are looking for what you have to offer. But search isn’t the be-all and end-all of marketing. It’s one part of your overall marketing picture.

Don’t be misled by the people who say search is dead. It’s alive and healthy – and an important component of your online marketing strategy.

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