SEO and Social Media Can’t Operate Separately Anymore

SEO and Social Media Can’t Operate Separately Anymore

Social media is playing an ever-more important role in SEO. Many small businesses think of social media and SEO as two different things, but the reality is that we can’t afford to operate as though social media is separate anymore.

SEO vs. Social Media

Traditional SEO focuses on content, linking and the architecture of the website. This is still the key focus for SEO, but social media adds some new components to the equation: identity and relationships. It’s important to view these two spheres as two parts of a bigger picture, and implement cross-functional plans to boost performance in both spheres.

Scale Your Social Media Efforts

The more people you can reach with your social media, the more impact it will have on your SEO efforts. If you’ve got a small social impact, you won’t see much benefit to your SEO. If you manage to scale your social media up to reach more people, it will have a positive impact on your SEO.

Implement defined social media guidelines for social engagement. Empower your employees to use social media in an effort to scale your social impact. Social media doesn’t have to be restricted to one area of the business, either; the value of social media can be extended into R&D, sales, support and marketing.

Use Data to Drive Your Alignment of Social and SEO

Align your key performance indicators to maximize the partnership between social and SEO. Ask yourself a few important questions to create a plan that incorporates both of these vital strategies:

  • How can we incorporate social media into our sales and conversion process? What are our social media goals for sales and conversion?
  • How does social sentiment data impact our SEO strategy?
  • How can we use SEO keyword data to craft a more effective social outreach strategy?

A good social media strategy can have a larger indirect impact on search marketing efforts. When you combine the power of your social media campaign with your SEO strategy, the results can propel your reach far beyond either strategy alone.

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