Track Inbound Links to Determine Whether Your Content is Doing its Job

Track Inbound Links to Determine Whether Your Content is Doing its Job

Your content is the key to creating an inbound marketing hub that will get you found, boost your search engine rank and get you in front of the right people at the right time. Remarkable content will boost your efforts, but sub-par content won’t get you far in your inbound campaign. How can you judge the efficacy of your content? Measure inbound links to determine whether your content is remarkable enough, or whether you need to revisit your content strategy.

Inbound Links are Votes in Favor of Your Content

Inbound links are indicators of your success or failure in the content department. If you have great, remarkable content, inbound links will reflect that. If your content needs work, you can also tell that by inbound links – and know when to revise your strategy.

Think of inbound links as roads leading into a city. The more roads there are, the more opportunities people will have to discover your site – and find your products and services. Inbound links help you reach more people, and they also boost your authority with Google, enhancing your page rank.

So how do you get inbound links?

Create remarkable content!

Track Inbound Links to Uncover Trends and Boost Performance

You’ll want track inbound links to your site in order to discover positive trends and boost your performance.

Are your inbound links increasing over time? Then the marketplace is interested in your content, and your strategy is paying off.

Are inbound links falling off? Time to revise your strategy.

Additionally, if you can track inbound links to particular pages and articles, you can pinpoint what exactly people are drawn to on your site – and create more of that. Maybe people are drawn to your tech articles or troubleshooting advice. Maybe you’ve made an awesome, entertaining video that has gone viral. Maybe you’ve written something original and authoritative that people are sharing with friends and family.

Once you can identify the content that is getting you more inbound links, you can experiment with similar content and continue to boost your performance.

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